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Data Analysis and Research

Data analysis and scientific-practical research is a cornerstone of the AECP activities. As a result of the AECP outreach activities carried out since 2003, a database was created incorporating data on around 160,000 screened patients. The data processed in concordance with internationally accepted methodologies has allowed coming up with important indicators on the prevalence of eye diseases as well as drawing comparative analyses of the general ophthalmic health situation in the regions of Armenia.

The collected data allows detecting the main causes of eye disorders and evaluating prevalence rate of diseases among the population such as the cataract, glaucoma, retina and eye fundus diseases. Based on the prevalence of the main eye diseases, the eye health vulnerability index for the AECP beneficiaries above 50 years was calculated. The latter, in fact, describes the risk factor of blindness in Armenia.

The AECP has conducted two other surveys to evaluate patient satisfaction level with the AECP services.

According to the research results, 94% of the patients who used the AECP services rated those as either good or excellent. To assess productivity of the eye surgeries performed on the Mobile Eye Hospital, the AECP conducted a follow-up survey in 2007 among the beneficiaries in the Armavir marz who were operated in the period of 2003-2006. The survey revealed that particularly the results of the 2006 are in conformity with internationalstandards: for 91.5% of cataract surgeries good or borderline result was recorded. 

Under this component, in collaboration with the RA Ministry of Health and USAID, the AECP has published the analytical brochure “Countdown towards 2020: Activities and Statistics”. For the first time in Armenia, it presents scientific research results, which allow estimating the eye health of the population and evaluating the eye care demand at the country and marz levels.

Our mission is eliminating
preventable blindness and
making eye care accessible to
all people in Armenia.

Download Scientific Abstracts of Delegates for the 12th International Conference on Ophthalmology.

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