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The program “Bringing Sight to Armenian Eyes”

Having established as “The Armenian EyeCare Project” Charitable Foundation in Armenia, the AECP initiated a program “Bringing Sight to Armenian Eyes” in 2003.  It is aimed at strengthening the eye care delivery system and reducing preventable blindness in Armenia.


Sponsored mainly by the Diaspora, the program was further developed and enhanced during the United States Agency of International Development  (USAID) and AECP cooperation through the years of 2004- 2011 in the framework of the Global Development Alliance. During the past three years, Orange Foundation has been a major contributor to the AECP medical missions in the regions of Armenia.   

Five inter-linked directions make up the main components of the AECP work.  They are - medical outreach, medical education and training, public education and training, research and data analysis, and capacity building. 

The main results achieved through all the components of the program “Bringing Sight to Armenian Eyes”
since 2003 up to date are as follows:
•    People screened – 391,460 (including 158,451 children)
•    Detailed examination on the MEH – 44,779
•    Surgeries – 16,733
•    Lasers – 6,246
•    Eyeglasses – 67,554

Our mission is eliminating
preventable blindness and
making eye care accessible to
all people in Armenia.

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