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Frunzik Mikaelyan, 7 months

Frunzik was a very much expected child after four years of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant. He was born on the 28th week with the weight of 1,300 grams. After the first eye screening the AECP doctors diagnosed ROP and prescribed medication treatment for him, which he received shortly.

Now Frunzik is attending the doctors with his mom twice a week. For Aregnaz it was very hard to accept the idea that her boy had problems and needed treatment at that early age: “Anyways, I had to agree, realizing that this was the only solution to prevent my son from going blind. We follow strictly the instructions of the doctors and do believe that God will keep standing with us. We very much appreciate the caring and attentive attitude of your doctors.” she said.

Our mission is eliminating
preventable blindness and
making eye care accessible to
all people in Armenia.

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Maria Danielyan, 1.2 y/o

Ani’s first child did not survive due to complications during the pregnancy. This was the reason for the extreme caution towards the birth of their next baby - Maria. She was born on the 30th week with the weight of 1,400 grams. As all premature infants, she had to undergo several health care procedures, including eye screenings.

Ani was very much impressed with the work of the AECP doctors, the modern medical equipment they used and more particularly, with the professionalism of the medical personnel. “Maria is the greatest joy of our family, relatives and friends. We do appreciate that your doctors were at the right time in the right place. We could not imagine that this kind of treatment is possible in Armenia” Ani said. Maria received medication treatment and is being regularly observed, until the risk of ROP eliminated completely.

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