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Gagik Harutyunyan, 21 y/o

Gagik is a talented young man – one from those who creates his own future from scratch, remaining positive in every situation.

In 1993, Gagik’s family was heavily injured after a casual explosive detonation at their house in Stepanakert (Karabakh). Gagik lost his eye. His mother, sister, and brother received heavy body injuries. At that time armor and weapons were widely spread over the territory of Karabakh.  Gagik and his friends found explosives somewhere in the field and brought them to their house, where the incident happened.
Years passed, and Gagik grew up. Despite he had sight only in one eye, he did very well at the school. He managed to graduate with excellence and took the career path of music and singing. He moved to Yerevan, passed successfully the entrance exams for the State Conservatory of Yerevan, and was admitted to the faculty of Armenian National Singing.

Naturally, as an art person, he was very much concerned with his appearance and he had to look for an eye prosthesis which would fit him well.

The first eye prosthesis he received from the AECP two years ago. It was his own initiative to come to the AECP office and introduce himself. He considered the AECP as the right place where he could receive professionally made eye prosthesis, and the AECP could not refuse him, as a direct victim of the Karabakh war and just a talented kid needing help.  Gagik’s father works as a plumber, his mother is a nurse at an orphanage in Stepanakert, and they can’t help their son with funds. So, the young man has to take care of his expenses in Yerevan on his own – a hard task for a student without employment.

In fact, with the growing age, the eye prosthesis needs to be changed regularly. So, the AECP arranged already the second prosthesis free-of-charge replacement for Gagik. He was happy to receive it at the Malayan Eye Center on July 17 this year.

Gagik is full of plans and is on the way of creating his own family. His girlfriend is from the same faculty where he is doing graduate studies now. Gagik said with pride that he and his girlfriend were participating in the National Singer project on the Shant TV of Armenia, and he is very much proud that his girlfriend was in the top ten of the project.

“There is no show business in Kharabakh. That is why I would like to stay in Yerevan and develop my professional career here. I strongly believe that I will find a job and create my family this year” Gagik said, adding that he plans to help Karabakh after he becomes famous and prosperous.

Our mission is eliminating
preventable blindness and
making eye care accessible to
all people in Armenia.

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