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AECP Hosted Armenian Doctor from Syria

Many highly qualified Armenians migrated to Armenia after the civil war started in Syria last year. For many of them, Armenia is a country where they feel safe and protected. The Armenians welcome their compatriots with the sincere readiness to help.

The Armenian EyeCare Project encountered Dr. Garabet Hajenleyan through one of its partnering organizations. Dr. Hajenleyan used to have his own eye clinic in Aleppo and managed one of the city’s largest hospitals in the position of general director. Due to the tragic circumstances in Syria, he had to escape with his family leaving everything behind.

“We lived eight months in Lebanon, and moved to Armenia a month ago. I feel very fortunate that started a new job almost in a week after arrival. The AECP is an incredible initiative, and I am happy to work here” said Dr. Hajenleyan.

The AECP was pleased as well to involve such a professional in its ongoing activities. Dr. Hajenleyan is currently working at the AECP Mobile Eye Hospital (MEH). Many patients and Dr. Asatur Hovsepyan, MEH coordinator, have remarked on Dr. Hajenleyan’s professionalism and caring attitude. The AECP wishes success to Dr. Hajenleyan and will try to support him as much as possible in his new position. 

Our mission is eliminating
preventable blindness and
making eye care accessible to
all people in Armenia.

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