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United Nations Women’s Guild Supports Armenians in Eye Care 

Armenia is among 60 countries benefiting from charity and humanitarian projects supported by the United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG). UNWG mission is to promote children's welfare around the world and strives to contribute to children's well being and with the hope of better future for all children. Every year UNWG works hard to raise funds to support their mission.


Ms. Annette A. Hayrapetian, one of the most devoted members of UNWG, is the major benefactor of the program “Provision of Eye Prostheses to Armenians,” implemented in Armenia by the AECP. “I am privileged to work with women who are dedicated to help the needy children in the world. My mission is to make a difference in any way I can,” she said.


“Faith & Love” NGO is the AECP’s partner in this program with the mission of identifying children from vulnerable families and referring them to the AECP. With the referral of “Faith & Love” Dr. Gagik Gasparyan, a specialist from the Malayan Ophthalmological Center, implants professionally made eye prostheses under the supervision of the AECP. 


The AECP works with many donors and  Ms. Annette Hayrapetian is among the most responsive benefactors. She has helped the AECP to carry out a large number of eye screenings in the Armenian regions and treat many children. 


The loss of the eye is a permanent problem leading patients to lifetime physical and psychological discomfort. Children are particularly susceptible to experience difficulties related to social integration and preserving self-confidence and cheerfulness. Eye prostheses remain the only solution for most patients to feel like their eye loss does not set them apart from the rest of society.


Moreover, most of the children and teenagers who wear eye prostheses face the inevitability that the implant will require regular replacement. The changes in the eye orbit size make the need of this replacement critical almost every year. 


With the support of Ms. Hayrapetian seven children and three adults received free-of-charge prostheses. Three of the children received the implants for the second time. 



Here are their names and dates of receiving prostheses:



1.    Edmond Muradyan (2011)


2.    Suzy Aleksanyan (2x – 2011/2012)


3.    Zohrab Nikoghosyan  (2x – 2011/2012)


4.    Nver Samsonyan (2x – 2011/2012)


5.    Kajik Sargsyan (2x-2012/2013)


6.    Mary Serobyan (2011)


7.    Tigran Hovhannisyan (2011)


8.    Gevorg Martirosyan (2012)


9.    Gagik Harutyunyan (2012)


10.  Emma Khachatryan (2011)    



On June 25, 2013, Ms Hayrapetian visited the “Faith & Love” NGO and the AECP office to meet the patients the UN Women’s Guild helped and discussed plans for further assistance. 

Our mission is eliminating
preventable blindness and
making eye care accessible to
all people in Armenia.

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